Here at LXG, Inc. we believe one of the keys to customer satisfaction is delivering quality product. Our 10-point quality control process ensures our goods are received in perfect condition every time.

1. Product Testing

Our products undergo rigorous testing before we begin production. We invest in pre-production samples where the product is tested for durability, logo imprint quality, functionality, and regulatory compliance.

2. Factory Supervision

Our long-term relationships with numerous raw materials factories ensures consistency in quality standards. Additionally, we partner with an oversight entity who performs quality control inspections at each factory before shipments are sent to our local facilities.

3. Receiving

Once our products have passed inspections and are shipped from overseas, we receive and inventory them at our Tempe, AZ warehouse. During the receiving process, every item is documented and checked against our quality control sample to ensure minimal variations in the product.

4. Sales

Every order is documented by an experienced sales team member who helps guide the customer through the order process. Our sales member ensures each aspect of the order is entered correctly by confirming logo validity, packaging selection, and efficient delivery methods.

5. Customer Service

After a sales team member enters the order, our customer service representatives double check all information pertaining to the order. Any questions or changes to the order are confirmed with both the sales representative and the customer.

6. Artwork Approval

When an order is placed, our graphics team sends the customer a virtual rendering of the final product with the selected logo. Any changes or miscommunications are handled during this stage. Once the customer gives final approval, the order is sent to production.

7. Production Staging

When an order is released to production, the requested products are selected from our warehouse and staged for imprinting. Staging consists of unpacking the product, and inspecting it again for any defects.

8. Laser Engraving or Imprinting

Before imprinting or engraving the product, a skilled machine operator confirms the logo in the system matches the logo that was approved by the customer for the order.

9. Cleaning

After the logo is imprinted or engraved on the product, each item is thoroughly cleaned and inspected by our cleaning department. This ensures any fingerprints or blemishes are removed, and any substandard products are replaced.

10. Packaging

During the packaging stage, our quality control manager reviews the order for final approval. Once the order passes inspection, it is packaged to the customer’s preferences, and destination validity is confirmed. When the order has shipped, tracking is entered into our system, which will automatically notify the customer of the tracking number and service utilized.