At LXG, Inc., we strive every day to grow our expertise in the field of customized merchandise. Over our company’s 30+ years, we have been involved in every aspect of manufacturing and retail distribution – from quality product design to working in the stock room in our customers’ stores – and we now also provide advanced e-commerce solutions. Our growing staff includes members with advanced knowledge and skills in product development, sourcing, logistics, inventory, sales, artwork, manufacturing, customer service, and technology. Each team contributes to our ultimate goal of complete customer satisfaction.

Our Product Development team is diverse and widespread. By utilizing the experience of our sales team, long-standing relationships with key clients and suppliers, and advanced trend analysis, this team determines the product concepts that will add value to our line. When we decide to move forward with a product, the team works extensively to ensure deep, quality inventory, cost control, and product packaging that live up to the high standards our customers have come to expect from us.

Our Sales team works with any customer, large or small. Our client base is made up of both large national companies with over 1,000 stores, and small local bookstores at community colleges and high schools. Many members of our sales team have over 10 years of experience with our company, and valuable, long-standing relationships with our customers. Our sales team is our primary connection to our customers, pushing us to stay current by providing in-depth knowledge of what is happening at our customer’s locations, and by coordinating effectively with the rest of our company to ensure we are constantly adding value.

The main goals and functions of our Customer Service and Technology teams are to make things as easy as possible for our customers. Every order goes through an entry process that is designed to ensure the order is delivered exactly as expected. We continue to invest in new technology to add value to our services – both by decreasing order processing time, and by improving communication with clients.

The result of all these efforts is an exclusive line of high-end merchandise backed by a service team committed to delivering the absolute best possible experience.